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What is the important part of the vacuum furnace

The cooling system is an important part of the vacuum furnace. The cooling water should be kept clear, otherwise the water temperature will increase and stop. This is a problem that is often neglected in the work of vacuum furnace. The purpose of treating the cooling water with biodegradable chemical AIDS is to keep the minerals suspended and reduce the accumulation of sediment in rubber pipes, snake-shaped pipes and water jackets so as to keep the water flowing smoothly. This is usually done by an automatic device, which can monitor the electrical conductivity of water, automatically add chemical agents, wash the waterways, and add fresh water. Combined with the attached steam filtration system, this method can also ensure the pH control of water and prevent the deposit of excess minerals in the cooling water system. At least once a month after the system is stable, water quality tests should be conducted to prevent overtreatment or neglect. The test samples of the vacuum furnace shell and heat exchange material should also be placed in the waterway system, and the weight loss test should be conducted once a year to check the treatment effect. Special attention must be paid to the serpentine cooler of diffusion pump. It should be checked often. If blocked, the diffuser will overheat and become incapacitated, further causing the diffuser heater to burn down, resulting in expensive, time-consuming repairs. When the snake-shaped cooling water pipe is blocked, disconnect the water from the water, drain and blow with compressed air or flush with dilute acetic acid solution.
The key is to do a good blackout emergency measures, control cabinet should be power emergency stop device. We must take good measures to prevent power failure!
In case of sudden power failure, the cooling water can be pumped by the generator, or the nitrogen cooling vacuum furnace can be flushed. Prevent the vacuum furnace from damaging the seal ring due to power failure. The circulating water system of vacuum furnace is strictly prohibited to break water! The cooling water pressure must be in accordance with the rated pressure equipment cooling water inlet pressure: 0.15 ~ 0.3mpa, flow about 30m3/h. Water temperature 32 ℃ or less about 50 meters, recommended by household water pump head, flow around 30 m3 / h. Need sink and cooling tower. Compressed air source: 0.4-0.8mpa, flow rate: 1m3/h. Due to the installation of water temperature, water pressure and flow relays, the vacuum furnace should be able to cut off power when abnormal conditions occur, and timely alarm.
The vacuum extraction system of the vacuum furnace is equipped with automatic valves that are interlocked with the power supply, which can shut off the exhaust pipe in case of power failure and prevent air and vacuum pump oil from entering the furnace.