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Vacuum sintering dewaxing furnace


Application: Widely used in cemented carbide, ceramics, stainless steel materials, powder metallurgy, metal injection molding, vacuum sintering dewaxing. It has the characteristics of large gas extraction, high vacuum, uniform temperature control and no leakage. Other technical parameters can be designed and manufactured according to user requirements.

1, control accuracy: + 0.1 centigrade%.

2. All the functions of the thermometer can be operated on the touch screen. The built-in memory card can be taken out at will and printed on the computer. can

The temperature curve and time setting are directly set on the touch panel. All electrical function control is controlled by touch screen.

All temperature curves can be printed and stored at any time. The oldest data can be kept for ten years. Thyristor phase shifting and voltage regulation control heating. The program runs automatically and stops without duty.

3, fast heating, environmental protection, energy saving, high precision, stable performance, good heat preservation effect.

4. Degreasing, degassing and sintering integrated treatment furnace is packed with sealed box, so that the degreasing volatile gas does not pollute the inner wall and heat insulation materials, all out of the furnace. Square sealed box, so that the compact increase, can be a large number of molding economy, reduce gas and heating power consumption, reduce operating costs.

4. The furnace adopts high temperature hard carbon felt and heated with high quality graphite rod.

5, the internal circulation system is added to ensure that the cooling rate is accelerated. The furnace temperature is close to room temperature, and a fast cooling system is added.

6, temperature categories are: 1600 C