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Vacuum induction hot pressing sintering furnace for experiment

The use of vacuum induction hot pressing sintering furnace for small hot pressing furnace.
Mainly for colleges and universities, scientific research units for inorganic materials, cemented carbide, functional ceramics, powder metallurgy and other high temperature, vacuum sintering processing, sample sintering performance testing. It can increase the compactness of materials. It can also be sintered by hot pressing under the condition of inflation protection. The equipment has compact structure and small footprint.
Two. The characteristics of miniature hot pressing furnace for vacuum induction hot pressing sintering furnace.
1. Novel structure and beautiful appearance: The furnace body of this equipment adopts all stainless steel matte treatment, integrative design, reasonable structure and beautiful appearance. Users only need to prepare the power supply line and cooling water plug and play.
2. The upper door is open and the operation is simple and convenient.
3. Adopt induction heating, quick heating speed, environmental protection and energy saving; Pressure range less than 10 tons can be set and adjusted arbitrarily, can be used for small sample sintering or hot-pressing test to avoid waste of resources, and can be customized according to customer process design. (pressure can be selected by conventional hydraulic station or electric servo pressure).
4. The integrated design of vacuum pumping unit is simple and beautiful.
5, range measurement using grating ruler, high accuracy. Accuracy can reach 0.02mm
6. It can be used widely, either in vacuum or in vacuum. It can also be used in hot pressing or hot pressing.
Three. Main technical parameters of vacuum hot pressing sintering furnace for small size hot pressing furnace.
1, * * temperature: 1900 C
2, rated temperature: 1800 C
3, pressure range: 0~10T (adjustable)
4, pressure head stroke: 0~50mm (accuracy 0.02mm) electric pressure
5, indenter diameter: 60mm
6, power supply voltage: three phase five wire, 380V 50HZ
7, heating mode: induction heating, internal cleaning, rated power 20KW
8, oscillation frequency: 30~80KHz
9. Temperature measurement: infrared temperature measurement.
10. Cold limit vacuum: 5.0*10-3pa
11, PLC + touch screen: temperature control + intermediate frequency power closed-loop control, temperature automatic tracking, all actions by PLC to complete, touch screen combined with PLC to complete all operations, and real-time monitoring of furnace operation, temperature and vacuum displacement data can be real-time display records and download, data curve can be real-time viewing! Maneuverability!
Four, structure elucidation
1. Vacuum chamber:
The vacuum chamber is made of stainless steel double-layer water-cooled design with matte surface and beautiful appearance. The loading and unloading mode adopts the top door of the furnace cover, and the top and bottom parts of the furnace body are separately provided with upper and lower pressure head interfaces. The sealing adopts Wilson seal, which has good sealing performance. Installation holes for electrode of induction power supply and observation window holes are arranged on the side of furnace body. Vacuum acquisition interface and infrared observation hole are left on the back of furnace body. The upper and lower pressure heads are sealed by Wilson, and the sealing performance is good.
Induction heating system: Induction heating system is composed of medium frequency induction power supply, induction coil in furnace, insulation sheath and graphite bushing temperature measurement infrared. The induction power supply adopts IGBT medium frequency induction power supply. The induction power supply has good skin effect and strong penetration force, so as to ensure that the workpiece can be heated completely and quickly, and the power supply has fault alarm such as undervoltage, overcurrent and overvoltage, and ensure the normal and safe operation of the equipment.
The pressure device is composed of a forming pressure frame, a large thrust pressure cylinder and a precision hydraulic station. The pressure is controlled by a closed-loop control system composed of a precise hydraulic station, a program instrument and a pressure sensor. The displacement is measured by a ranging grating ruler. The measuring precision is up to 0.02mm, so the pressure and displacement can be controlled precisely.
Vacuum system: Vacuum system consists of two-stage pump system consisting of a direct-connected pump, a diffusion pump and three vacuum valve pneumatic valves. Vacuum degree is up to 5.0 * 10-3 Pa. It is equipped with pressure gauges, charging and discharging valves, etc. The vacuum measurement is realized by a vacuum gauge, and the vacuum degree in the furnace can be displayed in real time.
Electrical control system: the electrical control system adopts touch screen +PLC control mode. All the actions of the equipment are realized and controlled by an Omron PLC and equipped with a high-resolution touch screen. All the operations are completed on the touch screen. The temperature data, pressure data and displacement data can be recorded and saved in real time. The data can be downloaded and saved. . Electrical components used by Schneider, Siemens brand, the overall equipment has fast heating, good insulation, precision control, energy saving, safe and reliable use of advantages