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Vacuum furnace of operation principle

Vacuum furnace is a vacuum environment with negative pressure inside the closed furnace, filled with heat medium water in the body. Heat medium water is heated by incineration or other methods, then transpired by heat medium water – condensed to the heat exchanger, and then heated by the heat exchanger.

Vacuum furnace heat transfer hints:

Oil, natural gas, gas, electricity – > incineration (electric conversion heat) – > heat medium water – > condensation heat transfer of steam after jubilation – > heat exchanger – > heat conduction – > water
The working principle of vacuum boiler is to make use of the low boiling point of water under low pressure to quickly heat the heat medium water filled in the sealed furnace, so that the heat medium water can be transpired into high temperature steam, and the water vapor condenses on the heat exchanger tube to heat the cold water in the heat exchanger tube to reach the intention of supplying hot water.
Standard sea level atmospheric pressure: 1.013 *105Pa = 101.3 KPa, at this time the boiling point of water is 100 degrees Celsius; the higher the altitude, the lower the atmospheric pressure, the lower the boiling point:
Qinghai Tibet Plateau: the average altitude is 4000m and the atmospheric pressure is 62KPa. At this time, the boiling point of water is 87 degrees.
Mount Qomolangma: at an altitude of 8848m, atmospheric pressure 33KPa, boiling point 71 C;
Vacuum furnace through the vacuum, constitute a low-pressure environment with almost no air, and then use water at low pressure (below atmospheric pressure) low-temperature jubilation to produce steam, through steam condensation heat transfer method of heat output principle.
The boiling point of water corresponds to the degree of vacuum.
Vacuum degree (Kpa) 0-31 -54 -70 -81 -89 -94 -97 -99 -101
Water boiling point (c) 100908070605040302 0
The normal operating temperature of the vacuum boiler is below 90 C, and the vacuum degree is less than -30Kpa.
Heat medium water in vacuum furnace is high purity water which is specially treated such as deoxidization and descaling. It is filled at the end of the first time before leaving the factory. When used, it closes the cycle inside the unit (vaporization condensation vaporization), does not add, does not reduce, and does not need to be compensated or replaced in the service life of the unit.
Therefore, the inner part of the vacuum boiler body will never be scaled and corroded, and the normal service life can reach more than 20 years, far exceeding the service life of the general hot water boiler for about 10 years.