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Vacuum degreased sintering furnace equipment

Application and principle of equipment

Horizontal vacuum skim sintering equipment series is mainly used for MIM/PM stainless steel products, porous filtration material, hard alloy, high temperature alloy, high proportion alloy, magnetic materials, carbide products such as debinding and sintering, can be in the same furnace to realize continuous debinding and sintering production process. Main functions: vacuum sintering, partial pressure sintering, atmosphere sintering, negative pressure degreasing, air cooling, forced cooling, vacuum cooling, natural cooling.

Main structure of the equipment: adopt horizontal water-cooled sleeve structure, front door or front and rear double door, customers can use graphite as the heating body and heat shield according to the height of furnace temperature and technological requirements. Graphite seal box is adopted, in which there are multiple layers of high strength graphite material board inserted, the heating body can be divided into multiple zones for layout, each zone independently temperature control, programmable PID adjustment.


Vacuum degreased sintering furnace equipment


Advantages and features of equipment

By combining many years design experience, and combining with the current most advanced technology in various fields, solutions to keep the industry leading level of the overall application system, introduced the popular with the market of new material preparation.

It mainly has the following advantages and features: it has the integrated furnace structure of innovative research and development of patented technology.

1. The degreasing and sintering of the same furnace body can avoid repeated product shifting, heating and cooling, improve product quality, shorten production cycle and improve production efficiency;

2. Special degreasing sealing furnace liner and grease trap are used to reduce the pollution of inner furnace wall, heat shield and heating body. Degreasing and grease collection are more effective.

3. The special sealing furnace liner is conducive to improving the uniformity of furnace temperature;

4. Directional airflow degreasing, enhanced degreasing effect, more thorough degreasing;

5. Constant pressure/partial pressure sintering can inhibit metal volatilization and improve product compactness and quality;

6. Equipped with quick cooling function, the cooling speed can be adjusted according to the production process.

7. The furnace can be moved out as a whole for easy maintenance.

8. Equipped with an inflating device, the protective gas or working gas can be filled into the furnace, and the gas flow can be adjusted.

9. Equipped with the circulating cooling device in the furnace, it can accelerate the material cooling in the furnace and shorten the working cycle, which is conducive to improving product quality and working efficiency.

10. One-key active control, high degree of automation.

The equipment can improve performance by upgrading the following equipment:

1. The lock ring automatically opens the furnace door device

2. Integral rigid carbon felt heat shield (imported material)

3. Imported graphite heating body and graphite sealing box body

4. Molybdenum heater and molybdenum + metal heat shield

5. Intelligent one-key control system

6. Ultra-high vacuum acquisition system (oil diffusion pump)