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vacuum annealing furnace supply

1, Vacuum annealing furnace uses

Vacuum annealing furnace is mainly used for vacuum annealing and aging process of Cu, Ni, Be, Cr, Ti, Zr, Nb, Ta, W, Mo and other metal materials and alloy materials, high speed steel, cold and hot working die steel, stainless steel, elastic alloy, high temperature alloy, soft magnetic material, stainless steel material, titanium alloy, cemented carbide, etc. The tempering process of alloy steel such as die steel and so on.

2, Main function parameters of vacuum annealing furnace

Maximum temperature: 1320 C
Heating power: 60kW
Furnace temperature uniformity: + 5 C (550 –950 C, HB5425)
Temperature control accuracy: + 1 c
Working vacuum: less than 6.67 x 10-2Pa
Single furnace installed capacity: 250Kg
Furnace size: 500 x 600mm
Evacuation time: from air furnace to working vacuum for 30 minutes.
Heating up time: the air furnace rises from room temperature to 1000 degrees centigrade for 30 minutes.
Pressure rise rate: less than 0.65Pa/h
Cooling pressure: 2bar

3,Main features of vacuum annealing furnace

3.1 Using Sigma original invention of zirconium diboride composite ceramic heater heating, compared with the traditional W, Mo, graphite heater energy saving 30%, with easy installation, simple structure patent features.
3.2 The total power supply of vacuum annealing furnace is small. Compared with the transformer of traditional vacuum annealing furnace, the total power supply is reduced by 30%, and the input circuit and matching investment of the power supply are greatly reduced.
3.3 The heating body has the characteristics of easy installation and simple structure. The heating body is set on the four sides of the furnace (including the door) and the bottom of the furnace. The temperature uniformity of the furnace is good by using the patented technology of five-side heating and two-temperature zone or temperature zone.
3.4 Furnace with large space for effective charging, large quantity of disposable materials, high output per furnace, high unit production efficiency.
3.5 Set up two or three temperature control sensors in the furnace, the temperature control accuracy is high. After stacking materials in the furnace, it can still ensure that the materials stacked in different directions are heated evenly, and the product quality is significantly improved. There is no heating element on the back of furnace and door of traditional heat treatment electric furnace. After the material is piled up, the heating is not uniform and the product quality is not uniform.
3.6 It is a new generation of energy-saving eco-product with energy saving of more than 30%, low power, low input circuit and matching investment, good uniformity of furnace temperature, high precision of temperature control, large output per furnace, high production efficiency and low unit production cost.
4. Product structure and composition The equipment is composed of vacuum furnace body, heating furnace body, vacuum system, electronic control system, water cooling system, pneumatic system and furnace feeding truck.
4.1 vacuum furnace host is horizontal, single room, front door opening structure. The furnace body and the furnace cover are double wall water-cooling structures. The inner wall of the furnace is made of high quality carbon steel and the outer wall is welded by carbon steel plate, and the front face is welded with flange. The furnace door is connected with the furnace body by hydraulic (or pneumatic) locking structure.
4.2 the heating chamber (furnace) is a metal radiation screen, consisting of insulation layer, heating element and material stage. The insulating layer is a cylindrical structure composed of a layer of molybdenum plate and four layers of stainless steel plate. There is a certain space between each layer. The outer layer is fixed on the heating chamber frame composed of stainless steel plate and angle steel ring by special insulation design technology.
4.3 The heating elements are heated by Sigma’s original zirconium diboride composite ceramic heater, which saves 30% energy compared with the traditional W, Mo and graphite heaters. The heaters are insulated by ceramic parts. The heaters are arranged in a cylinder with uniform heating and small heat loss. They can be disassembled separately and replaced easily when damaged.
4.4 It has the characteristics of easy installation and simple structure. The heater is set on the four sides of the furnace and the bottom of the furnace. The heating elements are set on the back of the furnace and the door of the furnace. The temperature uniformity of the furnace is good by using the patented technology of five-side heating and two-temperature or temperature zone.
4.5 the material table is composed of molybdenum pillar, molybdenum furnace bed and heat resistant steel plate.
4.6 Vacuum system adopts HG-150 mechanical pump, ZJP-1200 Roots pump and DN250 vacuum butterfly valve, bellows connector, vacuum gauge and its accessories installed on the evacuation pipeline. The selection of vacuum unit has sufficient reserve capacity, which ensures the rapid evacuation of the system and shortens the production cycle.
4.7 Electric control system consists of two parts, i.e. temperature program control composed of industrial LCD touch screen, PLC, thyristor voltage regulator and intelligent instrument, and programmable controller. Realizable: industrial control computer operation, man-machine interface dialogue window, automatic control/manual barrier-free switching, 50 temperature programmable control, paperless record of historical data and heating curve, vacuum, water pressure, overtemperature, overcurrent alarm and interlock protection.

4.8 Temperature control can choose domestic PID temperature controller or imported PID temperature controller with accuracy of 0.1 level.
4.9 vacuum control
The vacuum degree is measured continuously from atmosphere to high vacuum, and the upper, middle and lower points can be set arbitrarily in the measuring range to realize the point control or area control of partial pressure.
4.10 measuring thermocouple /
You can set up two heating systems or three independent heating systems, two or three thermocouples with temperature control, and an alarm thermocouple.
4.11 equipped with nine point temperature measuring hole cover for temperature uniformity detection.
4.12 Safety Function: It has water-cut, overtemperature, overpressure, overcurrent, lack of phase *, and the above-mentioned abnormal situation. The system has sound-light alarm and interlock protection. The system has self-diagnosis function.
4.13 Inflatable system: The gas collecting pipeline, fast charging system and micro charging system are set up when the air charging system is selected. The quick charging system completes the fast charging of the vacuum furnace by the large diameter pneumatic inflating valve. The micro charging system consists of manual cut-off valve, solenoid valve, fine adjustment valve and so on. The system can be used to regulate and control the vacuum in the furnace to prevent the volatilization of some metal elements due to the high vacuum in the furnace. The gas collecting pipeline is composed of a high-pressure hose and a manual switch connected to a gas cylinder and can be supplied directly to a vacuum furnace or a gas storage tank.
4.14 water cooling system: vacuum furnace body, furnace door, vacuum unit, water cooling electrode and so on, need cooling water. The system is allocated from the main water supply pipe to the cooling parts, and finally flows back to the closed backwater pipe. The water system piping is equipped with ball valves, vertical flow meters, water pressure meters, water pipes, etc.
4.15 pneumatic system: consists of pneumatic three-component (dehydrator, pressure gauge, oil mist), electromagnetic reversing valve and pipeline. It can provide clean compressed air for pneumatic actuators (such as cylinders, inflatable valves, vacuum valves, etc.).
4.16 outside the furnace car: through the lifting furnace bottom and external guide rail to carry out the furnace inside and outside the furnace transfer.
5, product selection reference content
A, metal furnace: choose round metal furnace.
B, matching gas storage tank: matching Gasholder
C, water distribution cooling system: external cooling system for selective furnaces
D, air cooling system: choose whether to equip with fan.
E, vacuum selection: high vacuum, low vacuum,
F, site layout: control cabinet location, transformer location, vacuum unit location.