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Industrial furnace supply

Industrial furnace equipment development

It is necessary for industrial furnace to adopt pulse combustion. High-grade industrial products require high uniformity of temperature field and high controllability of combustion atmosphere. Traditional continuous combustion control can not be realized. With the appearance of industrial furnace with wide section and large capacity, pulse combustion control technology must be adopted to control the uniformity of temperature field in furnace.

Advantages of pulse combustion control
Pulse combustion control is a kind of intermittent combustion mode. Pulse width modulation technology is used to realize the temperature control of kiln by adjusting the duty cycle (on-off ratio) of combustion time. Fuel flow can be preset by pressure adjustment. Once the burner works, it will be in full load state to ensure that the gas outlet speed of the burner is unchanged. When the temperature needs to be raised, the burner burning time increases and the interruption time decreases; when the temperature needs to be lowered, the burner burning time decreases and the interruption time increases. The main advantage of pulse combustion control is high heat transfer efficiency and greatly reduced energy consumption. The uniformity of the temperature field in the furnace can be improved. Precise control of combustion atmosphere can be achieved without on-line adjustment. The load adjustment ratio of the burner can be increased. The system is simple and reliable with low cost. Reduce the generation of NOx. The adjusting ratio of ordinary burner is about 1:4. When the burner is working at full load, the gas velocity, flame shape and thermal efficiency can reach the optimum state. But when the flow rate of burner is close to the minimum flow rate, the heat load is the smallest, the gas velocity is greatly reduced, the flame shape can not meet the requirements, the thermal efficiency drops sharply, and the high-speed burning occurs. When the nozzle works under 50% of the full load flow, the above indexes are far from the design requirements.
In any case, the burner only has two working states, one is full load operation, the other is not working, just by adjusting the time ratio of the two states to adjust the temperature, so the use of pulse combustion can make up for the shortcomings of low burner regulation ratio, the need for low temperature control can still guarantee the burning. The mouth works best. When using high-speed burner, gas ejection speed is fast, negative pressure is formed around the burner, a large amount of flue gas in the kiln is sucked into the main gas and mixed sufficiently, the stagnation time of flue gas in the kiln is prolonged, the contact time between flue gas and products is increased, and the convective heat transfer efficiency is improved. In addition, flue gas and gas in the kiln are charged. The gas temperature is close to the flue gas temperature in the kiln, the uniformity of temperature field in the kiln is improved, and the direct thermal shock of high temperature gas to heated body is reduced.

Application of pulse combustion control technology in industrial furnaces
Pulse combustion control technology is widely used in industrial furnace industry. It is composed of high-speed burner and industrial furnace control system. Pulse combustion technology is used to complete the heating and temperature control of industrial furnace. For gas-fired kiln, the temperature field and fluctuation force of temperature within the kiln are (?) 2 (?) C, and for oil-fired (diesel) kiln, the fluctuation of temperature within the kiln is (?) 3 (?) C), and the effect is good on the kiln with heavy diesel fuel. When the internal temperature of the ordinary burner is lower than the spontaneous combustion temperature of the fuel, the flame of the burner is extinguished immediately after the fuel is interrupted and can not continue to burn, which will not affect the temperature of the furnace. The problem of flame extinguishing is solved. The most advanced atomization technology, bubble atomization technology, is adopted to make the atomization effect of the burner better. The use of atomizing medium is less. The original kiln burning light diesel oil can now burn heavy diesel oil.
In the actual use process, the general pulse control method adjusts the occupancy air ratio, occupancy air ratio close to 0% or 100%, intermittent or combustion time, site tightening, site improper action, minimum personnel minimum time concept, the future integration of friendly minimum time constant 3 seconds, occupancy rate close to 0% or 100%, expansion Kangcun Zhengxiong Factory Proclamation of New Technologies Wide Application Prospects Wide Application of Ceramic Porcelain, Metallurgy, Petrochemical and other Business, Requisition of High Product Quantity, Low Fuel Consumption, Reduction of Pollution Continue to Issue Serious Action, is the first innovation for industrial service automatic control, will become the future of industrial furnace combustion technology The direction of operation.