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How to make the furnace warm quickly

Although coal is still the main energy source in China during the proportionality stage, industrial furnace is not only seriously polluted, but also bad for the implementation of high temperature air combustion technology. Therefore, the replacement of solid fuels such as oil and gas with coal is the strategic direction of energy conservation development of industrial furnaces in China.
We will further develop and improve the combustion technology of our predecessors
Improving and popularizing high temperature air combustion technology is the direction of energy saving development of industrial furnace in the future. On the basis of ensuring high temperature and high efficiency flame, the technology of improving furnace temperature, making average distribution of furnace temperature, and N0x control technology are the core technologies of promoting oxygen-rich combustion, and also the future development direction. At the same time, the emission reduction and storage of C02 will become an important research topic. The focus of energy conservation development of industrial furnace is to recycle waste heat and make full use of low calorific value fuel.
Masonry will develop towards integration and lightness
With the development of amorphous refractory, integral casting and light structure will be more widely developed. Using new refractory material, high temperature resistant ceramic and ceramic fiber instead of firebrick, make the furnace heat up quickly and heat loss small.