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How to choose vacuum furnace correctly

Vacuum heat treatment furnace is an important equipment to realize vacuum heat treatment. The pressure in the furnace is below normal. The atmosphere in the furnace is equivalent to a gas, which can make heat treatment work without oxidation. The purpose of the vacuum furnace is very wide, it is mainly used for structural steel, not induced steel, heat-resistant alloy, precision alloy, and material of vacuum tempering, aging, annealing, quenching, can also be used in the vacuum degassing, brazing and sintering, etc. It is safe and reliable to use the buried furnace in the vacuum hot place. Simuwu is specialized in designing and manufacturing various kinds of industrial electric furnaces, mesh belt furnaces, sintering furnaces and aluminum alloy furnaces.
1, vacuum furnace, choose according to the parts to be heat treatment chemical composition and the heating temperature must meet metal oxide and carbon monoxide balance points decompression and to consider the relationship between certain room do not pursue high high vacuum degree of vacuum degree not only cause the volatilization of alloy elements and will cause the equipment configuration for improvement of the investment cost increase.

2. The cooling forms of vacuum furnace include oil cooling and gas cooling. At present mainly air cooled for air-cooled heat treatment parts without any pollution and bad influence oil cooled surface micro carburizing problems after the impact on the quality of processing surface clean don’t need to wash so meet the conditions of cooling rate on gas cooling quenching in the first place. The cooling rate of air cooling is mainly influenced by the air pressure, the flow rate and the form and distribution of air flow. Generally, high pressure, high flow rate and fast cooling rate, i.e. cooling rate, are directly affected by air pressure and flow rate. In addition, the flow of cooling water in the heat exchanger during air cooling has a significant influence on the actual cooling. We experienced the same air pressure and flow conditions compared with the cooling water flow of large cooling water cooling speed significantly increased. Uniformity of cooling is very important to have some distribution of vacuum furnace nozzle design considering the insufficiency as shown in figure 1 b is not set by the oven door side jet nozzle using cooling velocity have obvious differences found in especially large parts more significant deterioration in quenching and uniformity.

3. The form and materials of the vacuum furnace heating element are different to some extent. Generally, the plate and rod type are the multi-materials of high quality graphite. In recent years, the appearance of CFC carbon composite materials shows a trend of replacing graphite with greater technical advantages. Under the same power condition, the thickness of CFC material is thin and the heat storage is small, which is conducive to improving the cooling speed.

4. When purchasing a functional furnace, the versatility of the process shall be considered, that is, the temperature range of quenching tempering shall be wide. In particular, it is very convenient to temper high alloy steel at high tempering temperature and directly after quenching.

5. The control system control system is the core part of the vacuum furnace to ensure its reliability, perfection and importance. It is better to have the function of monitoring and fault display and recording. For imported equipment, remote monitoring function is required to ensure the timeliness of fault treatment and reduce certain maintenance costs.

6. The reliability of other sealing and vacuum system configuration is also important. When the equipment modeling from the form of multifarious must be on the basis of comparison to make reliable. Enumerate two kinds of furnace type oven door mechanism is shown in figure 3 some oven door design insufficient rigidity combination sealing part will use process is difficult to detect the displacement of impact virtually increased vacuum pump seal leak rate load equipment actual utilization declined obviously.