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hot pressed sintering furnace characteristics

9 characteristics of hot pressing sintering furnace:

1. LED large screen LCD display, this machine integrates a vacuum pump, internal circulation water cooling system, to avoid the external water source locking, so that the equipment’s external surface temperature is lower, beautiful and generous, simple operation.
2. The heating system, air mixing system, vacuum system, internal circulating water cooling system and monitoring system of the hot pressing sintering furnace can be operated by controlling buttons. This machine is fully functional to meet the overwhelming majority of customers’ requirements.
3. Professional vacuum design, unique sealing technology, to ensure the airtightness of the furnace chamber, vacuum far more than similar products.
4. Intelligent PID high-precision control, self-tuning function, 30-section programmable control, 30-section heating and cooling program can be set to achieve power loss.
5. it can be equipped with 485 conversion interfaces to connect with computers. Special computer control system is selected to complete remote control, real-time tracking, historical records, output reports and other functions with a single or up to 200 electric furnaces.
6. the heating element is made of high quality silicon rod and the heating temperature can reach 1400 degrees C.
7. fast heating rate and adjustable heating rate: Max:30 C /Min
8. The heat pollution is less. Adopting domestic new type of high purity alumina microcrystalline fiber insulation material and fan cooling between double shells can make the furnace surface cool down quickly and the shell surface is not hot (about 60).
9. temperature control precision, with a variety of temperature controller to choose from, small temperature fluctuations (temperature control accuracy of + 1 degrees Celsius).