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High pressure gas quenching vacuum furnace

With the vacuum furnace being familiar to people, the self-diagnostic function of mechanical equipment is very developed. The high-pressure and high-flow rate gas quenched vacuum furnace in a single bedroom has a simple fault self-diagnostic function, which can display the fault source in time and has the function of sound-light alarm and self-protection, so that the operation is simple, easy to learn, easy to make, and the operator can be familiar with this function quickly. The use and maintenance of equipment. For those who want to buy single-chamber horizontal high-pressure high-flow rate gas quenching vacuum furnace, it is recommended that single-chamber horizontal high-pressure high-flow rate gas quenching vacuum furnace be purchased in batches, because this can get the wholesale price of single-chamber horizontal high-pressure high-flow rate gas quenching vacuum furnace. The specific price is based on the single chamber horizontal high pressure and high flow rate gas quenching vacuum furnace manufacturer’s quotation.

Gas quenching vacuum furnace: wholesale price

Want to buy a single-chamber horizontal high-pressure high-flow rate gas quenching vacuum furnace, the specific price has to consult a single-chamber horizontal high-pressure high-flow rate gas quenching vacuum furnace manufacturers oh. Vacuum heat treatment refers to the technology that metal parts are heated in vacuum or vacuum and then quenched in oil or gas. Because the workpiece is not oxidized and the steel is not decarbonized during vacuum heat treatment, ventilation and convection heating can also make the heating uniform, reduce the temperature difference between the surface and the center, and thus reduce distortion. At present, it has become an indispensable and heat treatment technology for quality tooling. More valuable is that vacuum heat treatment does not produce any substances that pollute the environment during the production process, which is generally recognized as belonging to the category of cleaner production technology. It is no exaggeration to say that vacuum heat treatment has become the main symbol of advanced heat treatment production technology.

Gas quenching vacuum furnace: working principle

Vacuum sintering furnace is a set of equipment that sinters cemented carbide knife heads and various metal powder compacts by using the principle of medium frequency induction heating under vacuum or protective atmosphere. It is designed for industrial production of cemented carbide, dysprosium metal and ceramics. Before using, start the water pump, make the medium frequency power supply, vacuum furnace induction coil, furnace cooling system water circulation normal, and adjust the water pressure control in the prescribed value. After that, do the following preparations:
1. Check the vacuum pump power supply system, belt disc belt tightness, vacuum pump oil is located in the middle line of the oil seal observation hole. After checking, manually rotating the vacuum pump belt disc, if there is no abnormality, can close the butterfly valve, start the vacuum pump.
2. Check the inside of the vacuum furnace, require that the inside of the vacuum furnace is sanitary, the induction coil insulation is good, the sealing vacuum tape is elastic, and the size is qualified.
3. check whether the lever handle of vacuum furnace is flexible.
4. check whether the rotating Maxwell vacuum gauge meets the requirements.
5. check whether the graphite crucible and furnaces are complete. After the above preparations are ready, turn on the power supply, the intermediate frequency power switch on, according to the intermediate frequency starting rules, try to start the frequency conversion, after success, stop the frequency conversion, can start the furnace.