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Heat treatment gear method for reducing deformation

Method for reducing deformation of heat treatment gear

Heat treatment manufacturers now pay great attention to reducing the deformation caused by heat treatment process. Heat treatment deformation every family will encounter, then what method can effectively reduce the heat treatment gear deformation?
Metal heat treatment
HANKOOK metal heat treatment plant reminds you that the following ways can effectively reduce heat treatment gear deformation:
Salt bath quenching;
High temperature oil quenching;
(3) QSQ method;
4. Vacuum quenching;
Three quenching of one slot. Salt bath quenching is similar to high temperature oil quenching in that both quenching occurs at martensitic transformation temperature, which increases the homogeneity of martensitic transformation. QSQ is double liquid quenching. Vacuum quenching is to extend the steam film stage by lowering the liquid pressure of quenching medium, and the cooling rate in high temperature zone decreases, so that the cooling rate of parts is uniform. The structure of one trough and three-stage quenching is simple. Firstly, the part is cooled by oil to the temperature slightly higher than MS. Then it is discharged and kept in the atmosphere, so that the whole temperature of the part is uniform, and then cooled by oil, so that the martensite transformation is uniform and the deformation irregularity is greatly improved.