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Environmental characteristics of induction furnace

Superior working environment, improving the working environment and corporate image of workers, non-pollution and low energy consumption
Compared with coal stove, induction heating furnace workers are no longer under the hot sun coal stove roasted and smoked, to fulfill the requirements of the indicators of environmental protection department, at the same time set up the company’s external image and forging industry the development trend of the future.
The temperature difference of the cylinder is very small and the temperature control precision is high
Induction heating its heat generated in the workpiece itself, so the heating is even, the core temperature difference is minimal. The temperature control system can be used to control the temperature accurately and improve the product quality and qualified rate.
Heating device has small volume, light weight, high efficiency, heating quality and the advantages of favorable environment is rapidly eliminated coal furnace, gas furnace, oil burner, and general electric resistance furnace, is the new generation of metal heating equipment.
An electric furnace that USES inductive current generated by an induction coil to heat a material. If metal material is heated, it is placed in a crucible made of refractory material. If non-metallic materials are heated, the materials are placed in graphite crucible. When the ac frequency is increased, the induction current frequency is increased correspondingly and the heat generated is increased. Induction furnace rapid heating, high temperature, convenient operation and control, less pollution in the heating process of materials, can ensure product quality. It is mainly used for smelting special high temperature materials, and can also be used as a heating and controlling equipment for the growth of single crystal by melt.

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