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Composition of vacuum quenching furnace

Vacuum quenching furnace for high speed steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, titanium alloy material such as a series of solid solution treatment and aging treatment, over the past decade, the vacuum quenching furnace has evolved into a very advanced equipment, performance have significantly promoted, the following to introduce the composition and the vacuum quenching furnace under the function of each parts. Gas quenching vacuum furnace


Composition of vacuum quenching furnace


Vacuum quenching furnace consists of furnace body, furnace steel stents, detachable top, lining, heating elements, circulation fan, wind deflector, furnace bottom, times the speed of lifting mechanism, is expected to open door frame, quenching tank, lorry, control system and power distribution cabinet/control cabinets, hydraulic system, etc. Framework of furnace shell is made of steel welding forming, use 1 cr18ni9ti heat-resistant steel, lining is made of high quality full fiber structure, furnace shell surface attached with a layer of rubber asbestos board, the heat insulation effect and protect the furnace shell surface from corrosion. Heating element is adopted for the heating element with 0 cr25al5 made strip wire winding, set on the insulation porcelain tube, through the stainless round steel is fixed on the furnace shell, the resistance with hanging around the furnace structure, advantageous and heat dissipation and circulation. The hot air circulation device consists of a fan device and a guide plate. The fan device is placed on the top of the furnace body. Wind deflector with 1 cr18ni9ti heat-resisting steel, through several put aside bar fixed on the inner wall of the furnace, the resistance with the parcel inside, through the heat coming from the hot air circulation system will take the resistance to thermal cycle, the furnace temperature uniformity. The ventilation device shall be made according to the furnace volume to ensure the number of hot air circulation over 40 times/min. Annealed vacuum furnace

The base frame is used for the use of furnace parts and is welded with section steel.

The shell parts of the furnace door are welded into steel, and the lining is made of high quality all-fiber structure.

Furnace door and furnace body are sealed with aluminum silicate refractory fiber material.

The electric stove is equipped with two cars. The lifting mechanism consists of a hoist, a loading frame, a lifting hinge and a rolling wheel. Hoist installed on the base frame side, using low speed reducer, with self-locking device, to ensure the loading frame in any place to stay and slow running, prevent the loading frame drop impact quenching tank. The charging frame is made of section steel according to user’s requirement. The lifting frame is pulled by steel cable.

The depth of the quenching tank exceeds that of the charging frame 1. 5 times, the workpiece can be ensured to be quenched and cooled in the quenching pool, and electric heating tube is adopted for heating in the quenching pool. And through the thermometer automatic control. The water inlet of the pool can cool the water temperature, and the circulating water pump is set in the pool for hot water injection circulation, so that the temperature is even. Fireproof fiber cotton sand sealing knife is embedded around the furnace mouth. After closing the furnace door, it is closely attached to the plug knife of the furnace mouth to ensure no heat emission. The heating element adopts ribbon electric heating element, which is arranged on two sides of the furnace respectively. The material is 0Cr25AL5 alloy wire and the service life is long.