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Classification of vacuum arc furnace

Introduction of vacuum arc furnace

Vacuum arc furnace, a kind of vacuum metallurgy melting equipment. The furnace body is a closed container, which is vacuumed or filled with inert gas. After the electric arc is generated by the electrode through the top of the furnace and the water-cooled crystallizer at the bottom of the furnace, the metal or alloy is melted by the heat of the electric arc and solidified in the crystallizer. An electrode made of molten metal is called a “consumable electrode vacuum arc furnace”. The product has less impurities, low gas content, good structure and excellent mechanical and physical properties. Suitable for smelting high melting point metals, active metals, special steel and metals.

Classification of vacuum arc furnace

The vacuum arc furnace can be divided into two categories: self-consuming furnace and non-self-consuming furnace. Industrial use is mainly self-consuming furnace. There are also furnace types that use both consumable electrode and non-consumable electrode at the same time. The main furnace material is provided by the consumable electrode and the auxiliary heating is carried out by the non-consumable electrode.

The electrode of the consumable furnace is made of the melted material itself, which is called the consumable electrode. During the melting process, the electrode end is gradually melted and dropped into the water-cooled copper crucible. The vacuum consumable electric arc furnace is mainly used for remelting active metals and refractory metals such as titanium, zirconium, molybdenum, tantalum and niobium into ingots. The arc furnace can also be used to refine alloy steel and to produce quality ingots of large diameter, such as forging billets for generator shafts and rolls.

The electrode of the non – consumable furnace is made of high melting point material such as tungsten. The electrode itself is not consumed in the work. This kind of arc furnace is mainly used for casting the materials in vacuum and preparing the blank in laboratory.

The difference between self – consuming and non – self – consuming vacuum arc furnace

In a vacuum arc furnace, the electrode itself is the substance to be refined. During the discharge process, the electrode forms an arc together with the molten pool, during which the electrode is melted.
The non-consumable electrode is a kind of electrode which is composed of high melting point conductive material and keeps as stable as possible. Generally speaking, melting pool is furnace charge.