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2 tons vacuum self – consuming arc furnace

Features of furnace:

Imported Germany or Israel high precision weighing system, combined with special special machinery and software design, thoroughly overcome the cable conduit, dynamic seal and vacuum pressure outside influence, the weighing accuracy reaches 0.125% or less

Fine imported German digital ac servo controller and motor to control the rate of electrode pole melting down x-y electrode for regulating mechanism can rapidly eliminate the electrode skew, guarantee for electrode and crucible center

The positive and negative poles are fed from the head of the furnace and are completely coaxially designed to avoid asymmetric stray magnetic fields interfering with the molten pool

The control system of warm water cooling of crucible improves the surface quality of ingot, reduces the amount of ingot peel and improves the product rate

Siemens s7-300 all-computer distributed control system imported from Germany ensures high precision and reliability

All operations from automatic arc starting to automatic power off at the end of smelting are realized by preset process parameters

Industrial camera system will be two separate clear molten pool image synthesis on a screen, easy to observe all important process parameters automatically stored on the hard drive, to facilitate future statistical process analysis 2. Equipment composition:

The equipment consists of the following parts:

1. 2. The main drive system of electronic weighing system, x-y regulating mechanism 4. 5. Vacuum furnace chamber and dynamic seal crucible and arc stability system 6. 7. Vacuum system of furnace chamber lifting gear 8. Watch camera system 9. Compressed air system 10. 11. Cooling water system of the hydraulic system 12. SCR power supply system and water cooled cable 13. Automatic control system of smelting 14. Metal smelting activity of safety valve, safety alarm system

2 tons vacuum self - consuming arc furnace


Functions and components of each part:

Stove as follows: the basic component of each 3 tons furnace, including two two smelting furnace chamber and location, a set of power supply, two sets of vacuum system, two smelting location can alternate work, ensures one location in the smelting, another location on the cooling of the other ancillary facilities. Ingots are produced in copper crucibles, each of which has its own crystallizer. Two furnace heads and two melting stations are respectively assembled on their respective main furnace frames. A control room with a console, control cabinet, motor control cabinet and a melting power source are placed next to the furnace head. Water systems, vacuum pump systems and auxiliary facilities are in place. Inner surface made of non-magnetic stainless steel furnace chamber () to the double water cooling structure, lower part of furnace chamber is equipped with auxiliary conductive device, equipped with the vacuum interface, central on the furnace cover with dynamic seal and observation window, and is equipped with water cooling copper pipe interface, in order to realize the coaxial power supply. The entire electrode feeding system is mounted on top of the vacuum chamber. The electrode drive system and the x-y Angle control system are placed on three weighing elements, which can weigh the electrode continuously in the melting process.

The electrode/auxiliary electrode is connected to the electrode rod with a pneumatic chuck. The gas pressure of the electrode holder is monitored by a pressure switch. A lack of air pressure will set off an alarm.

The main drive system consists of ball screw assembly, differential gear box and servo motor. It is used to implement different electrode rod movement speed in the process of discharging and melting.

The two melting stations are installed in independent positions and designed according to the largest crucible size. Each mold has its own water sleeve. The crucible is put into the work station by the workshop crane and self aligning with the guide block method. The large current input system is designed according to the same axis, which is connected by water-cooled cable between the bus and the upper junction of the furnace chamber, and then by two symmetrical water-cooled copper pipes, the positive electrode is connected to the top of the furnace chamber. In order to avoid the force acting on the weighing system, the short water-cooled cable is used as the flexible connecting line between the furnace weighing part and the non-weighing part. The furnace chamber ACTS as a coaxial current conductor (positive electrode), and an auxiliary conductive device is used at the bottom flange of the furnace chamber to ensure that there is a coaxial connection with the crucible flange. When melting, controlled by a console operation; When loading and discharging, it is controlled by a ground station operating box mounted on the support structure of the furnace head.

Features and properties of furnace

1. Main drive system:

The main drive system includes electrode rod and drive system. Electrode rod structure using double deck structure of water cooling packaged, the outer wall stainless steel tube, the lining as the copper tube, between the threads to seal pressure vacuum sealing, the pressure of compressed air to ensure the electrode continued close contact between the rod and the auxiliary electrode, the electrode clamping device is fixed on the lower end of the guide plug. Ann on electrode rod cross head two pneumatic cylinder to make the double wall outside shell relative to pull rod in a relatively coaxial exercise, consists of two sliding between the shell and tube vacuum seal. The above clamping auxiliary electrode is controlled by a key switch to ensure safety. Moreover, under any condition, even when the compressed air source or the power supply is disconnected, the interlock chuck will not loosen.

Transmission system installed on the top of the furnace head framework components (weighing) above, it consists of a set of ball screw components and differential transmission system and the composition of guidance system, using imported digital control ac servo drives the ball screw electrode, in order to satisfy the requirements, automatic melting speed precision domestic two-speed motor through differential drive was adopted to realize the rapid reaction of loading discharging: melting when the running speed of electrode bar and electrode rod can be absolute position in the operation room computer digital display, and realize the dual operation.
2. Electronic weighing system:

Weighing system is an indispensable tool to calculate melting rate accurately. In order to achieve the required precision, the weighing system must reflect the mechanical and electrical instructions with the maximum possible sensitivity. Accordingly, the following measures have been taken:

An accurate horizontal weighing platform with a steering system that only deals with horizontal forces and the remaining vertical forces are measured by weighing components. Avoid the uncontrollable component of the weighing system called the bypass. In the design of the system, the friction becomes the internal force of the system, so as to reduce the influence of friction in the electrode conveying system.