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What are the vacuum high temperature heat treatment furnaces

The vacuum high temperature heat treatment furnace can be divided into vacuum quenching furnace, vacuum return furnace, vacuum return furnace and so on.


What are the vacuum high temperature heat treatment furnaces


1. Vacuum quenching furnace; The vacuum quenching furnace can be divided into vacuum oil quenching furnace and true air quenching furnace.

1. 1 vacuum oil quenching furnace is suitable for vacuum heat treatment of mold steel, spring steel, stainless steel, bearing steel, high temperature alloy steel, etc. Its main features are wide data scale, strong hardenability, low cost, and repeatable use of quenching oil. The disadvantages include: The deformation is relatively large and the workpiece needs to be cleaned afterwards. The vacuum oil quenching furnace can be divided into two – chamber furnace and three – chamber furnace.

1, 2, vacuum high-pressure gas quenching furnace is suitable for high speed steel, stainless steel, steel and so on some vacuum heat treatment of hardenability better data, characterized by small parts deformation, don’t need cleaning after heat-treatment. The deficiency of quenching gas can not be recovered, higher cost. The vacuum high pressure gas quenching furnace can be divided into horizontal type and vertical type in layout. Horizontal can be divided into one room, two rooms and three rooms. Vertical heat treatment for ring shape, tube shape and long rod shape parts. The quenching pressure of vacuum high pressure gas quenching furnace is usually 2b a r ~ 10b a r. According to the requirements of the users, parts can be selected for pressure furnace type.

2, vacuum tempering furnace, vacuum tempering furnace can be divided into the single room, double room, and vertical usually choose nickel chromium with highest heating temperature is 800 ℃. The vacuum return furnace is usually suitable for parts with bright appearance and no oxidation color after tempering.

3. Vacuum annealing furnace: the vacuum annealing furnace can be divided into single chamber, double chamber and vertical chamber. Vacuum annealing furnace can be selected in high temperature, low temperature, according to the parts data (in the high temperature of 800 ℃ ~ 1350 ℃, low temperature 800 ℃).


What are the vacuum high temperature heat treatment furnaces


Selection of vacuum furnace heating chamber

1. Graphite reflector: there are two kinds of hard felt and soft felt commonly used in vacuum furnace, which are suitable for quenching, tempering and annealing of ordinary steel. High temperature brazing, powder metallurgy and sintering etc.

2. Metal heat shield; Stainless steel and molybdenum are commonly used in vacuum furnaces. Molybdenum reflector is suitable for quenching, annealing, and high temperature materials (such as high temperature alloys, titanium alloys, magnetic materials, etc

Warm brazing, sintering, etc. Stainless steel rice ray screen is suitable for tempering, low temperature annealing, aging, vacuum aluminum brazing, some low temperature furnace type selection.

Selection of vacuum degree

1. Medium vacuum (usually the limit 4×10-1p a) can be used for quenching heat treatment. Two-stage pumps (front stage pumps and roots pumps) such as bearing steel, mold steel, layout steel, etc.

2. For some products with high demand for vacuum, such as (high temperature alloy, titanium alloy, magnetic data, etc.) vacuum heat treatment or high temperature brazing. Three – stage pump can be selected. Generally, the limit of vacuum degree is 10-4pa.

4. Selection of control system

1. Standardize equipment; Centering on the imported temperature controller and the programmable controller, the temperature programmable, manual and active control are completed.

2. Accounting machine control system; Industrial control and programmable controller as the center of technology programming, storage, report. Independent operation, active, manual, technical programming, etc.

3. Calculate the group control system; High-tech control system with industrial control machine as the center to monitor, collect data, operate status, report handling and so on.

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