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Vacuum sintering furnace supply

Characteristics of vacuum sintering furnace

Vacuum sintering furnace is a kind of heat treatment furnace, this series of vacuum sintering furnace with graphite furnace and metal furnace two kinds: for graphite graphite furnace heating element, heat insulation screen for multilayer graphite felt and ceramic blanket: such as sintering materials, metal furnace can be used. Its heating bodies are metal molybdenum and tungsten. The heat shield is made of metal molybdenum, tungsten and stainless steel. In the vacuum environment, the furnace for the protective sintering of the heated articles has many heating methods, such as resistance heating, induction heating, microwave heating, etc.


Vacuum sintering furnace supply

The working principle of

After vacuum, vacuum sintering furnace heating of intermediate frequency induction or high current low voltage principle, through heat conduction on the artifacts, suitable for scientific research, military units for hard metal such as tungsten, molybdenum and its alloy powder sintering molding.

Main components

The structure is mostly vertical and discharging. Its main composition is: the furnace body, vacuum system, water cooling system, pneumatic system, hydraulic system and front-rear institutions, base, workbench, induction heating device (tungsten heater and advanced thermal insulation material), into the electric device, medium frequency power supply and electric control system, etc.

The product description
1. Purpose: in order to meet the requirements of the production process, through years of production practice, there are three types of general use, high temperature and pressure. The vacuum sintering furnace is mainly used for vacuum sintering and vacuum heat treatment of rare earth permanent magnetic materials. High temperature vacuum furnace is mainly used for sintering hard alloy, magnetic alloy, ceramic and powder materials. Vacuum sintering furnace (pressurized type) is a high performance vacuum furnace specially developed for producing third-generation rare earth permanent magnetic materials.
2. Equipment features: advanced structure, reliable quality, stable process, uniform temperature control, low limit pressure and no leakage, single or multiple rooms can be provided. Inside the chamber are made of stainless steel and other materials, high temperature furnace temperature control automatic measurement by thermocouple and optical thermometer piecewise transformation, intelligent temperature controller to control temperature, constant temperature, cooling, automatic temperature control function.