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Vacuum heat treatment furnace

Vacuum heat treatment furnaces can be classified into vacuum quenching furnaces, vacuum tempering furnaces, vacuum annealing furnaces, etc. depending on the application.
1. Vacuum quenching furnace: vacuum quenching furnace can be divided into vacuum oil quenching furnace and vacuum gas quenching furnace.
1) Vacuum oil quenching furnace is suitable for vacuum heat treatment of die steel, spring steel, stainless steel, bearing steel, high temperature alloy steel, etc.
Its main features are: wide range of applicable materials, hardenability, low cost, quench oil can be used repeatedly.
Disadvantages: the amount of deformation is relatively large, and the workpiece need to be clean after oil quenching.

2) Vacuum high pressure gas quenching furnace is suitable for vacuum heat treatment of high-speed steel, stainless steel, die steel and some other hardenability materials, quenching pressure is usually 6bar~ 20bar.
Features: Small deformation of parts, no need for cleaning after heat treatment.
Disadvantages: Quenching gas can not be recovered, the cost is high.
The furnace have vertical and horizontal type, vertical type is right for ring shape, tubular and long rod shaped parts.


Vacuum heat treatment furnace


2. Vacuum tempering furnace: The vacuum tempering furnace can be divided into single-chamber, double-chamber and vertical type, etc. The nickel-chromium strip is usually used for heating, maximum temperature is 800℃.
Vacuum tempering furnaces are generally suitable for parts with light appearance and no oxidation color after tempering.

3.Vacuum annealing furnace: Vacuum Annealing Furnace: According to the workpiece data, the medium and high temperature and low temperature can be selected (high temperature 800°C~1350°C, low temperature 800°C).

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