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vacuum furnace detailed operation flow

1. Prepare to open the furnace
(1) check whether each electrical connector is tightened, and whether each component is clean and normal.
(2) the measurement of insulation resistance shall not be less than 2,000 euros.
(3) adjust temperature control instruments and time relays to meet the requirements of the thermal process specifications.
(4) turn on the back charge nitrogen switch.
(5) turn on the pneumatic air source switch.
(6) turn on the main switch of water cooling system.
(7) the power main switch is closed.
(8) magnetic voltage regulator, the main switch on the control cabinet is closed.
(9) open the electromagnetic air release valve of the cooling chamber and release gas into the furnace.


vacuum furnace detailed operation flow


Ii. Steps of furnace opening:
(1) the cut-off valve open water cooling system, guarantee the smooth drainage, in the course of the stove, water temperature shall not exceed 35 ℃ to prevent fouling.
(2) open the cover, send the workpiece to the cooling chamber in the furnace, and then close the cover.
(3) start the mechanical pump.
(4) open the cooling water vacuum valve to vacuum the cooling room. When the vacuum degree of the cooling room is similar to that of the heating room, the following operating procedures can be carried out.
(5) open the vacuum isolation heat.
(6) send the workpiece and workpiece car into the heating chamber.
(7) when the workpiece and workpiece vehicle drop down, the workpiece is parked on the hearth.
(8) the workpiece vehicle returns to the cooling chamber.
(9) turn off the vacuum isolation heat.
(10) open the vacuum valve of the hot chamber.
(11) when the vacuum degree is less than 670Pa, start the mechanical increase pump.
(12) when the vacuum reaches 2.7pa, it is heated by electricity, heated up, and insulated (according to the technological requirements).
(13) close the heating chamber, the vacuum valve on the cooling chamber and stop the work of mechanical pressure pump at the end of heat preservation.
(14) the mechanical pump stops working.
(15) open the vacuum heat shield. At the same time
The furnace was cut off and the heating stopped.
(17) the workpiece vehicle enters the heating chamber.
(18) lift the cylinder of the workpiece and lift the workpiece by the workpiece car.
(19) the workpiece vehicle and the workpiece return to the cooling chamber.
(20) turn off the vacuum isolation heat.
(21) nitrogen is injected into the cold chamber at a pressure of 0.06MPa.
(22) start the cooling fan.
(23) artifacts when cooled to about 120 ℃, turn off the fan.
(24) open the air release valve of the cold chamber and inflate it into the furnace to the atmosphere.
(25) open the cover and take out the workpiece.

Third, the furnace
(1) turn off the backfill nitrogen switch.
(2) turn off the pneumatic air source switch.
(3) when the temperature fell to below 120 ℃, close water main switch and each part of the globe valve.
(4) pull the power main switch.

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