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Vacuum furnace and vacuum cup

Stainless steel vacuum cup, after the reform and development, especially over the last decade in China has been a great development. Our company has developed more than 50 series of vacuum cups and vacuum POTS with hundreds of varieties, and is still developing, producing and changing with each passing day.

Vacuum cups are simply divided into tailless vacuum cups (or integral vacuum cups) with tail vacuum cups, depending on the way they are produced. The tail vacuum cup is obtained by means of a vacuum exhauster, similar to a glass thermostat and a large electronic tube. Plug in the vacuum cup (the bottom of the vacuum cup is welded with the exhaust copper tube) on the vacuum exhauster. After vacuuming < 2 x E23Pa, use hydraulic tongs, cut the copper pipe, and then enter the following procedures: painting, gluing, electrolysis, polishing, bottom pressing, packaging, etc.


Vacuum furnace and vacuum cup


The tailless vacuum cup is made in the vacuum brazing furnace through vacuum extraction, vacuum brazing, then cooling out, electrolysis, polishing, packaging and other processes

The duration of vacuum cup insulation depends on the structure of the cup and the thickness of the material.

Large capacity, small diameter vacuum cup insulation time is longer, opposite small capacity, large diameter vacuum cup insulation time is shorter;

The thinner the material, the longer the insulation time, but the cup body is easy to be damaged and deformed, which affects the service life.

Measures such as wrapping metal film and copper plating on the inner liner of the vacuum cup can also increase the degree of heat preservation.

The service life of the vacuum cup also depends on the cleaning of the inner layer of the cup and the time of vacuum extraction. The most important thing is the structure of the vacuum furnace. The vacuum equipment of vacuum cup used in today’s society includes vacuum exhauster and vacuum brazing furnace, there are about four kinds of two kinds. The second type is the tail vacuum exhaust table; Another type of brazing furnace. The brazing furnace can be divided into single chamber, multiple chamber, and multiple chamber with increasing pumping speed.