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vacuum annealing furnace of application

1. The user must understand the construction and working properties of the electric furnace and auxiliary equipment (control cabinet, instrument, etc.) and the arrangement of the electrical pipeline.

2, the heating elements must be carefully checked before turning on the power supply connection is in line with the requirements, contact condition is good, the conductive body and cover whether there is contact, electric insulation resistance experiment was carried out at the same time, and check the sealing of the hydraulic line leak shall be strictly prohibited.


vacuum annealing furnace of application


3. The power supply of the heating element must be cut off when the electric furnace is carrying out loading and unloading work. If cutting off the power affects the quality of the workpiece, other reliable safety measures should be taken to ensure the safety of the user.

And impact of furnace lining are strictly prohibited and shall prohibit any littering phenomenon, working in the chamber of a stove or furnace stable artifacts should be correctly into the furnace, to avoid impact phenomenon, each time the load shall not be greater than the designed size.

5. For corrosive, volatile or explosive work, it is strictly prohibited to put it into the furnace for heating, so as to avoid affecting the life of heating elements and refractory materials or causing accidents such as explosion.

6. When the workpiece enters the furnace, tighten the pressure bolt on the cover of the furnace and start heating.

7. Open the vacuum pump for air extraction. When the vacuum gauge on the cover of the furnace reaches (-0.1), add the amount of nitrogen to keep the nitrogen gas in the furnace under positive pressure.

8. When the workpiece processing is completed, open the air valve first and then open the furnace. (the temperature should be below 150 ℃ to 100 ℃).

Maintenance and maintenance of vacuum annealing furnace

1. The user must regularly remove iron oxide scrap and other materials in the furnace. This work shall be carried out at least once in two weeks.

2. Users should always inject appropriate amount of oil into the rotating parts of the bearing pedestal and other rotating parts to ensure the flexible transmission of the rotating parts.

3. If the heating element is used for a short period of time, it shall not collide or twist, lest it break.

4. After a period of use of the electric furnace, if there is any damage to the lining (such as small crack or loose firebrick), it can be repaired by mud coating.

If the lining of electric furnace is seriously damaged, it should be rebuilt according to the pattern of lining masonry.