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Nickel base alloy vacuum melting furnace

Vacuum smelting equipment is under the condition of vacuum, the easy oxidation of various metals, precision alloy, rare earth alloy, active metal, each department hydrogen storage alloy, soft magnetic alloy, high temperature alloy and brazing alloy smelting of metal melting equipment. The equipment operates by vacuuming and then warming up. Under the condition of vacuum, the effect of high temperature smelting can be achieved while the oxidation of oxygen in metal and air can be avoided. In addition, the equipment can be used for temperature measurement, sampling, tamping, feeding and alloy composition adjustment without damaging vacuum during smelting. The temperature and time of heating and cooling can be set by the intelligent touch screen to meet the requirements of different processes. In addition, the heating temperature than the general environment under vacuum equipment to energy-saving principle (thermal radiation), the temperature climbed time is short, it is greatly improved the production efficiency and lower energy consumption, thereby lowering the production cost. Vacuum melting furnace by electric furnace body, medium frequency power supply, electric control system, vacuum system, bus bus bar and into the electrical system, shaft, coil, tilting furnace equipment, hydraulic system, pneumatic system, water cooling, air system, and also have a work platform, etc.


1. Furnace cover: the furnace cover is a double-layer water sleeve type butterfly head with stainless steel inner layer and carbon steel outer layer. The furnace cover is provided with inspection port and feeding port. The furnace body and cover are connected by hydraulic operating column, and the lifting of the cover is driven by hydraulic pressure.
2. Smelting chamber: the smelting chamber is a double vertical circular barrel structure with stainless steel inner layer and carbon steel outer layer. The furnace body is provided with vacuum measuring port, inflating port, vacuum pumping port, electric inlet port and other interfaces. The inner surface of the furnace cover and melting chamber is polished. The smooth inner surface is conducive to improving the vacuum degree and cleaning.
3. Temperature measurement mechanism (users can choose infrared temperature measurement) : the temperature measurement of 500kg vacuum melting furnace is conducted by imbedded thermocouple, which can be semi-continuous in the vacuum state. Temperature measurement display adopts digital instrument and has automatic compensation function.
4. Medium frequency power supply: medium frequency power supply is a device that provides medium frequency power to the coil. The VHT series 500kg vacuum melting furnace adopts kgps-500-1 /S thyristor frequency conversion device. Since the power supply voltage of the induction coil is 375V, an intermediate frequency transformer must be built in to reduce the intermediate frequency voltage from 750V to 180v-375v to accommodate the load matching. Kgps-500-1 /S thyristor controlled frequency conversion device, no mechanical rotating part, convenient maintenance, reliable operation, long service life, is the best alternative product for frequency conversion units.
5. Electrical control system: 500 kg vacuum melting furnace of larger vacuum smelting equipment, its control is more complex, so it adopt PLC programmable controller, PLC programmable controller of high reliability, far more than conventional method of electrical control. By using PLC programmable controller, the program control of electric furnace operation is realized, so as to avoid human error operation to the greatest extent. Temperature and vacuum are measured using a digital device which can adapt to the atmosphere in the furnace. At the same time, the signal of furnace temperature, water temperature and water pressure are all input into the programmable controller. Once the parameters exceed the limit, the alarm signal or stop can be issued, thus ensuring the safety of the equipment.
6. Vacuum system: the main vacuum system of 500kg vacuum melting furnace is composed of an h-150 slide valve pump, vacuum valve and filter duster to vacuum the melting chamber. The pumping speed of the mechanical pump is not less than 150L/S(l /S). The vacuum valve used is pneumatic thrust type. The structure is simple and reliable, and it can effectively prevent the dust produced during smelting from affecting the sealing performance of the valve. The vacuum system is equipped with filter dust remover, which reduces the dust pollution to pump oil and prolongs the service life of vacuum pump.
7. Bus busbar and power supply system: bus busbar of bus busbar is composed of double busbar, with spacing of 1mm and length of no more than 2.4m. It has low loss and high efficiency. Into the electrical system change the water cooled cable in the past or slip ring into electricity, and adopt the special into the electric wire electric wire, the pressure drop is not greater than 3 v, thereby reducing the loss, and prolong the service life.
8. Induction coil (refer to the German drawings) : 500 kg vacuum melting furnace coil is made by special flat copper tube, double side support structure, and took effective measures to strengthen it, it is not easy to make it more deformation or damage to the coil coating appearance with special material, and the inner layer of the tu plastic alumina for permanent. The phenomenon of vacuum decharging is effectively avoided (the only one used in China).
9. Tilting device: the tilting device is controlled by the manual hydraulic proportional valve I developed. The stepless variable speed control method is adopted for easy operation, stable casting and hydraulic lock to ensure the reliable locking of coil crucible at any position.
10. Hydraulic system: the lifting and lifting of cover, tilting of coil, feeding, temperature measurement and sampling of 500kg vacuum melting furnace are all driven by hydraulic pressure. The oil circuit system of hydraulic station adopts integrated module structure and oil cooler to ensure its reliable work.
11. Pneumatic system: the vacuum system of 500kg vacuum melting furnace adopts pneumatic vacuum valve, and the electromagnetic leading valve adopts low-voltage dc power supply, which is safe, reliable and low failure rate.
12. Inflating system: the inflating system of 500kg vacuum melting furnace is a mechanism for charging inert protective gas into the furnace. It can be done manually and automatically. The automatic mode is that when the pressure set value is reached, the inflating valve will close automatically, and when the pressure is insufficient, it will automatically inflate into the furnace. The manual method can be used to control the pressure of the gas in the furnace.
Water cooling system: the water cooling system of 500kg vacuum melting furnace adopts closed loop structure and centralized control. The system is equipped with water flow meter, water temperature circuit detection system and alarm protection system. Key parts, such as coils and SCR, have protection systems.
14. Operation parameter recorder (user selection) records the vacuum degree, temperature and gas pressure during smelting. (the recording mode is selected by the user.)