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brazing furnace detailed decomposition

Brazing furnace is a kind of equipment for metal brazing and bright heat treatment. Suitable for small and medium sized stainless steel parts (tableware, cutter, hardware, etc.) produced in batch, such as martensite stainless steel bright quenching, tempering, austenite stainless steel bright annealing.

Brazing furnace USES: mainly used in aluminum heat exchanger and other aluminum vacuum brazing, stainless steel, titanium alloy, hard alloy, high temperature alloy, non-ferrous metal brazing and high speed steel, die steel, bearing steel, stainless steel materials such as vacuum tempering, and the limitation of non-ferrous metal and annealing treatment and the stainless steel heat exchanger, oil cooler, stainless steel vacuum cup, vacuum brazing.


brazing furnace detailed decomposition


Technical features of brazing furnace:
1. Partition heater layout is adopted to make the temperature uniformity in the heating area consistent.
2. Brazing in vacuum atmosphere can keep the workpiece clean and bright.

I have learned that the brazing furnace has the following types: copper brazing furnace, aluminum brazing furnace and mesh belt brazing furnace

Characteristics of copper brazing furnace:
1. The copper brazing furnace absorbs foreign advanced technology and optimizes the structure stability
2. The intelligent control is stable and efficient, and the hardness of the product is even and the organization is stable
3. Energy saving and high thermal efficiency, safe and convenient use of copper brazing furnace
4. The copper brazing furnace has simple operation and no industrial pollution
6. Copper brazing furnace tools are advanced, reliable, practical and economical

Main features of aluminum brazing furnace:
1. From the stirring and spraying of the brazing agent, the drying, brazing and cooling of the products are carried out automatically in a continuous manner, which ensures the reliable mass production and minimizes the cost.
2, drying temperature, speed of brazing, soldering temperature, heating rate, nitrogen gas flow rate, pressure and so on all parameters related to the brazing quality, in identifying and, after the procedure for automatic control, to ensure the stability of the product.
3. All key components are procured globally according to the best quality, which ensures the reliability of aluminum brazing furnace.
4. The muffle chamber in the furnace is made of imported stainless steel plate (SUS316L) with a thickness of 8mm.
5, aluminum brazing furnace adopts advanced automatic temperature control technology, the temperature control precision of + / – 3 ℃.
6. The advanced atmosphere protection design of aluminum brazing furnace ensures that the N2 in the furnace is fully protected when the brazing furnace is in operation, and the amount of N2 is minimum.

Mesh belt brazing furnace’s brief introduction: this series of brazing furnace is mainly used for stainless steel, copper, steel and other materials under the protective atmosphere of continuous brazing, especially suitable for all kinds of refrigeration compressor parts, refrigerators, and microwave oven parts, auto parts, electronic plug pieces, cutting tools, hardware tools, etc. The mesh belt brazing furnace adopts the heat-resistant stainless steel band or the mesh belt to transfer the brazing parts through heating the furnace and cooling zone. The inert gas or ammonia decomposition gas is used as the protective gas in the furnace to prevent and avoid the oxidation of workpiece during heating and welding. In this way, the welding quality is protected and the complicated process of removing the hydride from the welded parts (including the main joints) is avoided.

Mesh belt brazing furnace works: this furnace adopting strong reducibility gas as protective atmosphere (e.g., ammonia decomposition gas), mesh belt brazing furnace is suitable for the batch production of small and medium-sized stainless steel parts (cutlery, knives, metal, etc.) such as martensite stainless steel bright quenching, tempering, austenitic stainless steel bright annealing.

Characteristics of the mesh belt brazing furnace: the mesh belt brazing furnace has novel design, stable transmission of the mesh belt, bright surface after heat treatment, uniform hardness and small deformation. Continuous production, no grade adjustable, easy to control process parameters, high precision temperature control.